constant-time S3CT TROSY

A.Meissner, and O.W.Sørensen J.Magn.Reson. 139, 439-442 (1999). (The role of Coherence Transfer Efficiency in Design of TROSY-Type Multidimensional NMR Experiments)

A.Meissner, and O.W.Sørensen J.Magn.Reson. 144, 171-174 (2000). (Suppression of Diagonal Peaks in Three-Dimensional Protein NMR TROSY-Type HCCH Correlation Experiments)

Constant-time S3CT TROSY pulse sequence.
Delays:  = (2JCH)-1 and T = (JCC)-1 .
Phases for Varian Unity Inova:  = y; = -y (echo), and = +y (antiecho).
Phases for Bruker DRX:  = x; = y (echo), and = -y (antiecho).


Set flag exp = 'e' for echo / antiecho version.

15N decoupling on channel 3 (Decoupler 2) optional:
no 15N decoupling:    dec='n', dn2='', dm2='nnn'
15N decoupling in t1 only: dec='y' dn2='N15', dm2='nnn'
15N decoupling in t1 and t2: dec='y', dn2='N15', dm2='nny', dmm2='ccw'

Program tested on: Varian Unity Inova, Vnmr6.1B, Pbox6.1C, Solaris7

Pulse sequence: ct_trosy.c
Parameters:     ct_trosy.par



Program tested on: Bruker DRX600, Xwinnmr2.6 patchlevel 4, Irix6.3
Pulse sequence:    trosy_13c
                   trosy_13c_pr (with water presaturation)
Gradient program:  8sineea38.r


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