A.Meissner, and O.W.Sørensen J.Magn.Reson. 144, 171-174 (2000). (Suppression of Diagonal Peaks in Three-Dimensional Protein NMR TROSY-Type HCCH Correlation Experiments)

A.Meissner, and O.W.Sørensen J.Magn.Reson. 139, 447-450 (1999). (Optimization of Three-Dimensional TROSY-Type HCCH NMR Correlation of Aromatic 1H-13C Groups in Proteins)

3D TROSY (H)CCH (top) and 3D S3 TPPI TROSY (H)CCH (bottom) pulse sequences with diagonal peak suppression.
Delays:  = (2JCH)-1; T = T' = (2n + 1)/4(JCC)-1; tm/2 = {½(t2 + )}mod();  = gradient delay. The receiver reference phase is incremented by  at the discontinuities of tm .
Phases for Varian Unity Inova:  = y;  = -x (echo) and  = x (antiecho).
Phases for Bruker DRX:  = x;  = x (echo) and  = -x (antiecho).
The dotted  pulse of the two-step (data coadded at constant receiver phase) S3 filter is combined with  = x and  = y when it is at its left and right positions, respectively.


3D TROSY HCCH: Set parameter exp ='t'
3D S3 TPPI TROSY HCCH: Set parameter exp = 'e'

For diagonal peak suppression the select flag must be set to 'a'

The resulting data set has to be processed States-TPPI in t1 and echo / antiecho in t2

Program tested on: Varian Unity Inova, Vnmr6.1B, Pbox6.1C, Solaris7

Pulse sequence:  hcch_trosy.c
Parameters:      hcch_trosy.par


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